Egg On Leftovers 1

Fast breakfast win! Stuff I already had, flavors I had already built, and a cute ramekin dish that I had to have from the Goodwill down the road. I am a Goodwill junkie. Do NOT get me near the Goodwill triangle that we live in on 50% off Saturdays. Bad. Good for ME, bad for anyone who wanted to do anything kind of normal on a Saturday. I am lost in a sea of things I suddenly must own because of their ultra thrifty nature. Rereading this makes me realize I miiiight have a “problem”. But thats not the point; we aren’t here to judge.

Black bean, corn and red onion salsa. Translated: cooked black beans, corn off the cob and small diced red onion, bound with mayonnaise; seasoned with salt, pepper and the secret ingredient cumin. Wasn’t that awesome of me? Sharing secret ingredients like we are pals. We probably should be, since I’m telling you secrets and whatnot.

I made this a few days ago for our veggie burritos. It is delicious warm or cold. And obviously here, I am eating it with a hard boiled egg. Next time, I wont be so distracted cutting French toast into butterflies for my 3 year old. But she’s so darn cute, and butterflies are her thing right now, so time spent cutting was not time spent paying attention to the temperature and time of water. SOooo ya. I had to settle for a still tasty hard boiled egg. On top of this gorgeous egg that naturally ended up with a perfectly flat bottom, I sprinkled salt, pepper and dried red pepper flakes. Fork through the egg, grab some white and yolk and then scoop the salsa onto the end of it all. So good. So, so very good. And its filling, too, so even though its a nice, small portion, you are filling yourself up with yum.

I like being filled with yum.